Hello From Idaho!

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Hello From Idaho!

Post by Penny Vance on Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:22 am

Hello to all of you here. My name is Penny Vance, and I live in Grand View, Idaho.

I'm an "older gal" with several goodies I'd like to share, and I would love to learn from this site too!
I have Four Kids, and 13 (going on 14) grandchildren-between me and my husband Bob. (This is another story, and a GOOD ONE!) I also have a big ol' family, so there's LOTs to share and Lots to LAUGH about/with/share!!!!!! hehehehehe
I have noticed ADHD running through 'the ranks', among other things, and a lot of stuff that isn't advertised or even thought about in the world.
Penny Vance

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